Sunday, November 20, 2011


    I have always found the digital realm to be the best to work with when it comes to compositing and editing, and it is! But what about art and composition? I find that when you take your digital camera or iPhone you can take a thousand photos in one sitting and not even know which is the best shot. For most it doesn't really matter!

    Digital is wonderful in the sense that once a picture is taken you can view it or delete it. This can be a good thing but as everyone takes more and more photos while using apps like instagram, you get photos that tend to look all too artsy of professional to a person who may not have those same types of skills with traditional shooting and editing methods. I find the major difference between shooting digital and film is instant gratification as opposed to taking your time with a finite amount of film. This forces you to really take your time and have a good composition. 

Sometimes an exceptionally perfect looking image is not exactly what a photographer always wants. Its the lens artifacts or the film grain or a double exposure! Point being film has something that digital just cant! Its the lack of color and going with the black and white image that helps the picture become more then just another icon on your hard drive. B/W Film shows to be much more majestic and alluring then bright vibrant colors it tells a story that is subjective to all its viewers!